Inbound Customer Service Calls

As customer experience has become the most crucial business driver, organizations across the globe leave no stone unturned to ensure efficient presales and post-sales support provisions to customers.

This can be conveniently achieved by acquiring highly immaculate, personalized, and round-the-clock inbound call centre services from momentum marketing.

Our inbound call centre services help businesses in resolving customers’ issues and queries in the most quick, personalized, and efficient manner. More importantly, our round-the-clock inbound customer service is a value-centric business aspect that enables businesses shape their prospects and garner enhanced reputation conveniently.

Outsource inbound call centre services to momentum marketing to ensure perceptive interaction with customers, which paves way for enhanced customer delight ( maybe some pictures of people working in offices on this page any interaction you could think of would be great )

At Momentum Marketing 

  • No Contracts – we only continue if you’re satisfied with what we deliver.
  • An open exchange of ideas – creating a partnership to improve results.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: We only work with companies we know we can get outstanding results for.
  • Guaranteed Quality Appointments – it’s as simple as that.

All your appointments will be measured against pre-agreed targets.

  • Together we agree what your expected return on investment will be and we adhere to this level of service.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind.
  • We constantly monitor quality and service levels, so you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Appointments are not just set – we want to know how it went and did it result in a sale. What could we have done to help this along the sales process?
  • Your team will be honest and open regarding activities performed on your behalf.
  • All feedback is good feedback. We let you know all and any information we gather it may help you with other marketing strategies.
  • Your project will be monitored on results as well as activity.
  • It’s not all about making vast amounts of calls, it’s how we do it. Great results are paramount in all our activities – we pride ourselves on consistently outperforming the industry averages, and intend to keep it that way.
  • Please see some of the clients we have worked with

Some of Our Clients

  • Age UK
  • O2
  • Primary Times
  • Route Monkey
  • Michael Bannon